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Employee Testimonials

Each year, the total staff is surveyed to determine their likes and dislikes and we accept comments and suggestions.  Here are some of the comments from the most recent survey:

● “Love my job and clients.” - Julie

● “I come to work at Lakes Homes because I love my job.  I love interacting with others I help care for.  I enjoy how it’s more than just a job.  I’ve made friends for a lifetime, and the extra training and seminars are a great part of helping make working at Lakes Homes fun, educational and a great place to be employed!!! “- Alyssa

● “I enjoy making a difference in individuals lives every day.  Also being part of making those life time memories.” - Faron

● “I enjoy the family like atmosphere.  I enjoy working with my clients.  I enjoy going to the office and greeted with a smile, not attitude.  I enjoy the gatherings with staff and clients, and making team work, work and not the I in team.  I enjoy putting our heads together and solving a problem.” - Rachel

● “Flexibility and wages.” - Peggy


As set forth by Lakes Homes Policy, it is the responsibility of all DSP’s to complete 40 hours of provided training.  Training resources are available at the Lakes Homes office’s and through the College of Direct Support.

Click on the link once registered.

Link to CDS

First Aid Training

This is a link to First Aid Training Videos.  Click on the link to open.

For our employees, we have provided a link to your personal schedule and time card.

Link to Deputy

Therap Link for employees 


Must have user name and password to access (obtained from your supervisor).

Link to Therap
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