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We Are Your Neighbors.

Becker County:

Facilities are located in the city limits and in the rural area around Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.  With 412 lakes located within 25 miles, the area has a population of approximately 9,000.  It offers a variety of churches, a community center and many cultural events.  Medical care is offered by two clinics and a hospital.  The county also has a Developmental Achievement Center and a workshop.

Northshore Home

376 Dean Street

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Granger Home

914 Lake Forest Circle

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Greenhaven Home

208 Elm Street

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Elm Home

116 E. Elm Street

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Willow Home

405 North Street East

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Garnet Home

1114 Garnet Blvd

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

West Home

1118 West Ave.

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Hidden Hills Home

14772 Leisure Drive

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Summit/Oak Grove Home

920 Summit Ave.

Detroit Lakes, MN  56501

Mahnomen County:

We have a facility in the city of Mahnomen, which is located within the boundaries of the White Earth Indian Reservation.  There are a variety of churches serving a population of approximately 1,200.  There is one medical clinic and a hospital located in the city.  The county also has a Developmental Achievement Center.

Mahnomen Home

623 N. Main Street

Mahnomen, MN  56557

Otter Tail County:

Our facilities are located in the city of Fergus Falls with a population of approximately 13,000.  Fergus Falls has an active YMCA, a variety of churches, offers many cultural events and two medical clinics with one hospital.  The area also has an organized Special Olympics group.  The county also has an Adult Day Activity and (Two) Day Training and Habilitation Programs.

Woodland Home

2309 Southview Drive

Fergus Falls, MN  56537

Lenore Home

1381 Lenore Way

Fergus Falls, MN  56537

Highland Home

1005 Sunset

Fergus Falls, MN  56537

Fir Home

523 East Fir Ave.

Fergus Falls, MN  56537


Mill Home

1706 South Mill Street

Fergus Falls, MN  56537

Northern Home

1221 Northern Ave.

Fergus Falls, MN  56537

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